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Cinderella Beauty Time

Cinderella Beauty Time


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Cinderella Beauty Time Description

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The toilets are too full. People think country life is paradise but you need guts not to get bogged down. To counter the cliche’, a lot of people take antidepressants in the country. That or calva. He makes the best in the region. Want to try? Why not? Come on. Calva. Hello, Mr. Jouberi. I’d like a Florentine, please. A Florentin. The thing with you French people is you hate money. You’re all socialists. Not me. You’d never have married me. Even conservative French people are socialists. Is the word “socialist” so obscene for you? You favour taxing over personal initiative. So, the apex of civilisation is an unhindered free market, the rule of the sterling and wellkept lawns at your second homes. Let’s avoid another Years’ War. I was Game perhaps Game Okay, stop going on, Martin. We understood. It’s fine now. Your English is lousy. She doesn’t understand. My English isn’t that bad. Yes, it is. There’s no use laying it on. So here’s the doorway I mentioned. So, I’d like you to do Game Game and something Japanese, minimalist, simple. Like a geisha who spent time in Miami. This is my favourite room. The gym. This machine is amazing. Everyone in L.A. has one. It’s incredible. It sends vibrations along your buttocks. Look. My ass is like a teen stripper’s! Try it. It’s important to like your body. It really is. To eliminate the bad fat. Especially in Normandy with all the rich food. I would have liked. You would have liked. He would have liked. We would have liked. They have would Wed. No. They would have liked. Hello, Gemma. How are you? You haven’t been to the bakery for a while. I’m trying to diet. You’ve lost weight. A little. It suits you. I also do lowcal bread. Okay Game goodbye. What is it? My back! Help me! What is it? A wasp’s got inside. A wasp? I have to Game There it is! Can you open Game Open it? Okay, I’m opening it. I’ll try to Game Does it hurt? It’s dead. It’s a bee. It hurts. Bloody hurts! The stinger is still in. Do it! Yes, but to remove the venom Game Does it hurt? A lot! To remove the venom

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