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Cinderella Beauty Adventure

Cinderella Beauty Adventure


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Cinderella Beauty Adventure Description

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I’ll take everything off. That’s right. Can we listen to it while doing this? No, afterwards. Hello? Tuomas? Hello? Honey, you need to sleep. We have a big day ahead tomorrow. You’re going to be the best… Carola! No! You have my stuff! ! It’s funny how I can’t remember where I left my car. Unbelievable. I simply can’t remember… …where it is. Hey, what was wrong with me? At the meeting. Tell me honestly. I’d really like to know. I just don’t want to be alone anymore. There’s nothing wrong with you. I’m just looking for something else. Something else… You know, I used to think like that. I would decide what I want and choose the one who’s best suited for me. I’m sure it’s a little easier for someone like you. On the other hand, where’s the joy of discovery in that? The thrill. The tingle in the lower belly. When you wonder… …what lies ahead on the journey into another person’s world. Liisa Loponen, The Tides of Menopause. I’ve read it. You must be an avid reader. That book is for women. Yeah, I read quite a lot. I’ve had time on my hands. Less work and all that. What do you do? Me? I’m a librarian. Wow. Hey, wake up. A Spanish lady asked me to call you a taxi. Nippe! I waited for two hours in a bush for people to go home. Where’s Antti? I can’t remember anything. What’s that on your forehead? Does it look bad? Where are your clothes? Don’t ask. Leila is going to kill me! I lost the rings. You’re getting married today. , I know! Let’s call a taxi. The battery is dead. What are we going to do? I mean, seriously? If someone up there hears us… We need a little help right now! Please send us a taxi! And take that bump off Nippe’s forehead. He can’t go home looking like that. And it’s a minibus! Thank you! Hämeenlinna is a beautiful city. Yeah, I like it here. Does your friend happen to be Tuomas Lilja? No, I’m not. Many mistake me for him. Oh. I would’ve asked for an autograph. Are you a big fan? You could say that. Damn. He’s got all your albums. Even the live concert which you played drunk.

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