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Cinderella And Prince Charming 2

Cinderella And Prince Charming 2


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Cinderella And Prince Charming 2 Description

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Cinderella And Prince Charming 2 Go back! Get some help, Matthew! Annie, don’t. The mirror is the secret of my strength. The keeper of my soul. The destiny of our family. Annie, our journey begins. This is why I brought you here. I was not always this way. This is who I’ve become. You must see what they did. My only sin was to love Caroline, and to give her a daughter. They took everything from me, Annie. Let me go. My family. Did you think you could get away from us? My child. My life. No! Be my witness. See how I became the reflection of their hatred. Their evil. Kill him! See what it means to call me by that name . , . . Sweets to the sweet! My pain was unbearable. But Caroline’s was even greater. Let him go! Stop her! No! Father! Caroline. You will all be damned. You defiled my daughter. Father. Could she even look at you now? game Now, do you see what was taken from me? Yes. No! No! They killed me, Annie. But they could not destroy my soul. Join me, Annie. We will go together to a world without pain. No more pain. Death is only the beginning. Your cradle will be your grave. Annie. Annie. Annie. Annie. Annie. Annie. Annie. Annie. Annie. Annie! Annie! Annie! Annie! Grab my arm, Annie! Annie! Grab my hand! Grab my hand! Come here! Grab my hand! Go! Go! Go! Go! Annie, the choice is no longer yours. You are mine. The cradle is your grave, not mine. No. Go! Let’s get out of here. Go! Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Yeah, it’s Lent. So y’all take it easy. We made it through another one, New Orleans. And the Kingfish hope you got plenty to atone for. Hope you all said a fond farewell to the flesh. Hey, it’s the cycle, Crescent City. And we are startin’ it again. Mommy, let’s look at some more. Just a few more pages. That’s your mommy. She’s pretty. That’s right. And who’s that? That little girl is your greatgrandma, Isabel. And that’s her mommy, Caroline. That’s my name, too. Who’s that? That’s Isabel’s daddy. And when you get a little older, I will tell you a story about him. Tell me now. Right now, it’s time for your nap. Cand game Caroline! Go to sleep.

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