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Choose 2 Cool Girls Adventure

Choose 2 Cool Girls Adventure


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Choose 2 Cool Girls Adventure Description

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Sorry you couldn’t have seen it. Used to be a lovely miniature over the mantle. Till last week. It paid for the gown I wore this evening. I don’t know why you asked me here, but it was not to pity you. Hardly. Pity is the real empty room I despise. I amuse you, Kelly? It’s too early to tell. Well, we’re getting older by the minute. Would you like to drink that where it’s more comfortable? Whatever your friend’s got, he ought to market it, huh? Well, good night. Wherever did you get wine at this time of night? Ask me no questions. Haven’t tasted anything so good since the war began. You should’ve seen that too, Kelly. It was grand. That was the year Tom Rossiter and I became engaged. The year the boys went off singing. I begged Tommy to marry me. It wasn’t very ladylike, but I begged him. I loved him so much. But he was noble, he had principal. Said he couldn’t risk leaving me a widow. The second and the third years Games Games the singing somehow stopped. I still wanted Tommy to marry me. He’d lost an eye by then, but that didn’t matter. But he was nobler than ever. Said it might be an arm next or a leg. Those were the years of frustration. Then tonight Games Tonight I realized what he feared the most. Losing his sight. Tom Rossiter is right. I couldn’t stand to live with half a man. God, Kelly. It must be some hideous failing in me. I’m so sick and tired to death of all the fighting and killing Games Games and trying to be brave and patient over a lost cause. So then we come to the fourth year. The year of temptation. Thank God you’re not another one of those honourable men. I’ve spent my life surrounded by honourable men. Enjoying myself is one of my weaknesses. I guess people like us have our own kind of honour. It’s not your advice I want, Kelly. It’s your money. House mortgaged? I’ve been asked to vacate. Any other assets? Myself. To buy another dress? I want you to help me get out of Richmond. At the moment, impossible. Nothing’s impossible for you Games The minute our good colonel found out I was missing Games

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