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Chocolate Mask Time

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  • Chocolate Mask Time

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    Oh, don’t Princess Leah me. I’m thinking. Okay, I’ve got it. Oh, hey, Dave. Good luck getting your bucks now, . God damn it, Tim. Oops. God damn it. Now I’m definitely gonna have to wash this shirt. Do you want me to, uh, dive in? Oh, no, no, no, no. I need you to learn how to delegate. Hey, decapitate. You gotta take it off. Hair pulling?! Yipee-Taekwondo-rogue- a- motherer. Oh, shit! Oh, God! Your breath smells like cat-food. Oh, I don’t like this And I defended your hire. Does this happen every time? Yeah. Yeah, basically. Not if you kill them first, people. Learn how to take the initiative if you don’t want me to micro-manage. This is about the story as far as I games Well, now it’s time to go to work. AMANDA: Oh, shit. Jesus, those walls are thin. So, my question is, “When do you let your people make their own mistakes so that they can learn?” and “when do you just jump in and do the job yourself because you’re more efficient?” It’s a balance to be sure. Yeah. I’m going to need a minute, Dave. I think I’ve re-injured my back. God damn it, Amanda! I finally started boning her. Sorry. Whoa-ho-ho! You know what? That almost felt like games Oh, come on. Whoa! Did it just get dark? Should we be intervening here? I mean, we are losing a lot of employees. Oh, don’t worry about it. It’s mostly marketing. Oh, okay, I’ll just run an ad. You er. Take that. Are you trying to repel me with a cross made of pencils? Still, a good manager knows when his staff is getting overextended. Be a dear and call downstairs for me, would you? Can I use your office? This is just, kind of flat out here. Yeah, feel free. Make yourself at home. I know you rigged the raffle to win the office trip to Cabo this year. That trip was mine! You do not want to know where that came from. who am I gonna get to stock the supply closet now? I’m not a vampire expert, asshole. Enough. I want my $, and then you die. I’m saving it for something else. Why don’t we ever go dancing? Monday night is salsa night at Vida Loca. I hope you and your dickhead pals

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