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Chic Student

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    Chic Student Description

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    Chic Student Music plays on computer Ugh! Music plays on computer Lily panting Kendra What in the hell? Exclaims Bad girl. Whimpering Oh, what is this? Dress Up Games Oh, my God, it’s the same cabin from the dream. Of course. Kendra So, what are we gonna do if we find that book? Dress Up Games I don’t know, if that’s the book that turned Mama into what she is, maybe it could somehow reverse the curse. OK, we’re almost there. Hey, I’m not going in there. We have to go inside. The book is the key to the nightmare I’m living. Oh, my gosh, who are you? I’m Dress Up Games and this is Kendra. We’re looking for something very important. We all are. Come on in. Dress Up Games Go tell it on the mountain Dress Up Games Over the hills and everywhere Go Dress Up Games Everybody, this is Dress Up Games and Kendra. Hello, Dress Up Games and Kendra. Hi. Pardon me for not standing, but I’m mending the wing of this bird that we found in the woods. OK. Hi, we’re in a hurry. We’re actually looking for a book that could save lives. Yes, I’ve got it right here. Oh, thank God. Thank him indeed. The Bible. Here, let me read to you. Oh, no, no, see, we’re actually looking for Dress Up Games Dress Up Games the book of evil. I know evil all too well. You do? This weekend’s devoted to Mia. It’s a detox weekend. She’s hooked on energy shots. Oh, yeah, that’s a real struggle. OK, listen, we’re looking for another book somewhere in this cabin. Hm. We haven’t seen anything. We gave it a shot, let’s get out of here. OK, wait. Is there a cellar? Scoffs Great. There it is. Oh! OK, I don’t care what it says. Dress Up Games The curse begins with four words. Gort Klaatu Barada Nikto. Dress Up Games Screaming Distorted You’re all going to die tonight. Snorting, coughing Normal voice You’re all going to die tonight. Screaming Bird cooing Dress Up Games Dress Up Games The curse ends with one word. Adunda. Dress Up Games What the heck? Why? sobbing

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