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Chic Student Time

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    my London There’s something people crave about it Others may pine For a trip up the Rhine Or follow the sun Where it happens to shine The tip of the parties The home where the heart is And Landon is Landon Is England Is mine Why the hell do we come here? Because we always come here. Exactly. What’s the matter with you tonight? Good evening. But she’s got young Calbury with her. Calbury? Some idiot in the Horse Guards. Damn it, Chips, we’ve been stood up. Stood UP? She’s forgotten. Oh, dear. I am sorry. Oh, Johnnie Longbridge. Oh, my God. I’ve stood him up. I must get him over. Not to stay. Come on, Chips. What will you think of me? Nothing. Except that you’re a terrible muddler of dates. And I’ve known that for ages. Bill Calbury you know, of course. He was suddenly in town again, and game Oh, no, no, don’t apologize, darling. Oh, but you came to see the show especially tonight. My fifth time. This is Chips. I told you about him, remember? Of course. Hasn’t he any other name? Well, if he has, I can’t remember it. Then I’d better call you Mr. Chips. That’s a nice name. How do you do, Mr. Chips? How do you do, Miss Bridges? This is Bill Calbury. Do join us. Oh, Chips absolutely adored the show. I’m so glad. Oh, yes, I loved it. It’s a great hit, isn’t it? We’ve been running for over a year. Over a year? Yes. Every night? Well, we get Sundays off. But don’t you get most awfully bored? I mean, isn’t it an awful strain for you, all that leaping? Oh, yes, I loved it. The plot I found a shade tortuous game game but the exposition of it, remarkably adroit. Good. Did you like anything else? Ah. Well, the denouement game game I found quite remarkable when you turned out game game to be the real Lady Lettie all along. No, that’s Edna Lovelace. I tum out to be William C. Belfrage’s ward. Ah, yes, the multimillionaire shop owner. Of course, how stupid of me. But then, you and the other lady do look alike. Yes, I suppose we do. She’s next birthday. You astound me, and sing so well. I think we should go back to our table.

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