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Chic Fashion Student

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    I just Game The thing that scares me, if I’m honest, is how do you know you’re not gonna fall off the wagon? All I can say to you is this. I have been sober for five years. It is the most important thing in my life. And I am not planning to let anything that up. Okay. I’m just gonna go in there, pick up my laundry and tell her my truth. in’ A you are. Game Thanks for bookending this with me, Dede. Game Thanks for letting me be of service. Now, go tell Mommy you’re a addict. Game Hi. Game Hi, Mom. Game Honey. Game Hey. What’s Game Okay. Game Why are you so sweaty? Game I rode my bike here. Can I Game Game Since when do you bike? Game Since yesterday Game Can I come in for a second? Can we talk about something? Yeah, sure. But I just need you to change one light bulb first. I mean, why should I even have this big house if you’re never gonna be home? Okay, so, Mom, there’s something I need to talk to you about. What’s going on back here? What? All this sweat and schmutz in your tuchus. What is it? Game It’s from the bike seat. Game Well, I can’t take it. It’s disgusting. Mom! What? You’re, like, a homeless in these pants. Okay, can you please just listen to me for one second? No. Take them off. Just take them off. Okay, take these off. I’ll wash ’em for you. Okay, so it was one of those things where you work out, and then you’re perspiring, and you take a shower, but not for long enough, apparently. ‘Cause I’m giving this presentation, and I was, like, schvitzing like a Russian gangster. It was Game What? Nothing. This is nice. Game No PDA? Game No. Yes. Yes, on the PDA. Game Yes? Game Most definitely, yes. Okay. Well, what about if I do this? Yeah, always. Game Really? Game Yeah. What if I just wanna kind of upgrade it to, like Game Game Yeah. Game Like a TMJ. Yeah Game What if I Game But what if I go like this? Is that Game Game Yeah, do that forever. Game Really? Even when I’m an old, stinking man with claw Game like, arthritic claw hands? Will you love me then? Adam.

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