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Chelsea Spoiling Spa Bath Adventure

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  • Chelsea Spoiling Spa Bath Adventure

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    Chelsea Spoiling Spa Bath Adventure Description

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    EJ: Afterward, at the end of the day, we got together for a little after-party. And then Miles and his family showed up. By that time, I had actually pulled the mask off. I was a little concerned about, you know, that he sees that the coach is Batman. So I just said: “I bet no one would suspect that the acrobat coach is actually game And he said, “You’re right! And he even told me one time that Bruce Wayne is for the movies. EJ’s Batman. It’s like Patricia’s city. She lives in Gotham City. Have you been there? MILES: Yeah. That’s when I became Batkid. NATALIE: Was it fun? MILES: Yep! EJ: For the rest of our lives, whatever happens game there will be good stuff and bad stuff game we will have that day. The next morning, we woke up in kind of a weird dream game just totally relaxed. At some point during the day, we looked at our e-mail. I had unread messages. And it was overflowing. PATRICIA: I had voicemails of people who would just break down and cry. I want to thank them all. Is there a way to do that? We got fan mail from France. We got fan mail from China. NICK: We got postcards from overseas: Japan, Germany, UK, stuff from all over. We got a lot from Akron, Ohio game like school classes that colored pictures and drew pictures. NATALIE: There was a class from Tennessee game and they wrote a comic book about Miles. TERESA: Somebody just sent, like, “Batkid care of City Hall. And San Francisco’s so awesome that they got us the mail. PATRICIA: One of the interviews revealed game that they still had medical expenses that weren’t covered. A couple of folks donated to cover the family’s medical expenses. The wish mom said, “I have to talk to Nick. I’m not sure we can accept it. And I said, “Well, too bad, heh, because it’s being given out of love. I wish every parent didn’t have to worry about that. LEE: Well, when it grew from what we thought were a very simple couple of events game to over five different events game with a main stage at Civic Center and thousands of people coming game There was a cost associated with it game which

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