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Charming Landscape

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    this could do wonders for your dealership. Yeah. You’re lookin’ pretty hot. I’m just sayin’. I think it’s gotta be Roxie. Right? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Really? Damn, girl. GamesGood Morning America!Game Go get ’em, Roxie! Be sure to join us later this week when we’ll show you the Hot Flashes, a basketball team comprised of women of a certain age, who are taking on the state high school champs, to raise money to help save their local mammogram unit. So tell us why you’re doing this. Well, it’s a great cause. And we just wanna show the world that women our age Game We still got game! Whoo! I’m a breast cancer survivor myself, so I gotta say thank you, and bless you, and go on with your bad self. Hey, I Game I gotta go. Um Game Gotta go suit up for the game. You do that. See ya later. Thanks for comin’. You got it. All right. She’s the real deal. All right. it’s a big turnout, ladies. Here we go, Florine. Thanks. Clementine. Ginger. Beth. You okay? I don’t think he’s comin’. Oh. Don’t worry. He’ll show. Hi, y’all. – Who was that? – My roommate. My partner. – That’s Jewel? – Mm-hmm. Now, go ahead, Ginger. All right, ladies. This is it. What’s more important than us winning? Them losin’. That’s right. Hot Flashes on three. – One, two, three. – Hot Flashes! Yeah. Get back. Get back! Yeah. Now get back. All right. Come on, Flo. Come on. Come on, Beth. No, no, no! Yes! All right. Let’s go, ladies. Let’s go! Hands up! All right, Flo. All right. Come on, Beth. You got this. Go, Clemmy! Yeah, babe. You scored, babe! We’ll let Number shoot anytime. Oh, my God! Ah! We are not playin’ a bad game overall. Even though some of us aren’t hittin’ our shots. Now, no one thought we could keep up with the state champs. But this game Game your game Game it’s only half over. Anything can happen in the second half. I know this has been hard on some of ya. But I also know that you can rise to the occasion. Look. People have been sayin’ to me, you know, those gals of mine

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