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Charming Jewelry 4

Charming Jewelry 4


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Charming Jewelry 4 Description

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Charming Jewelry 4 miss, put it out of your mind. Pretend it was part of a dream, which perhaps it was. A dream? Don’t you think I want to believe that? That it was just the darkness, a nightmare? But it’s no longer dark. It’s daylight. And I know I saw him. A man, or something that once was a man game peering in through the window, looking for someone. And if it isn’t true, if I didn’t see him game how could I have described him so accurately? Well, you had seen his picture. Really, miss, you’re upsetting yourself over nothing. You said he was the valet? Yes, but when the master left, Quint was alone with us, in charge. Tell me, how did he die? Quint? Out there, miss, on those very steps. It was winter. The coldest, blackest winter’s night. The steps were icy. Quint, he came home late after we were all abed. Late and full of drink. There was a wound on his head, as if he’d slipped game as if he’d fallen out there in the dark. I can’t forget his eyes. They were open, filled with surprise game with pain, like the eyes of a fox I once saw a fox the dogs had hunted down. But it was an accident? He was a peculiar man. There were things in his life that could account for violence done him game vicious things Oh. Well, it doesn’t do to speak ill of the dead. The children never mention him. Oh, no, miss, and neither must you not to them. You see, miss, it was Master Miles that found him. Oh, that poor little boy. If you could have heard his screams game seen the way he clung to him and begged him to speak. That poor little boy worshipped Quint. Worshipped him? That man? Miles? You didn’t know Quint, miss. Such power he had over people. You can’t blame the child. A lonely boy with no father. Quint took advantage, that’s all. It made me sick to see Miles trotting after him like a little dog. They were always together. game Quiet, everyone. The entertainment is about to commence. Oh, look, miss. I borrowed your pin cushion. I hope you don’t mind. Miss Giddens, dear, would you sit there? And, Mrs. Grose, would you sit there too? And now Miles

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