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Central Park Wedding Prep Time

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  • Central Park Wedding Prep Time

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    You know, just in case. Not really, darling, no. Oh, God. That is horrible. I’m sorry. I’ll give her a call, then. Yes, please do, darling. Ah game You OK? You seem a bit freaked out. Do I? Yeah. Gosh. Sorry, just bit of a first-date no-no game Oh, my God, that’s embarrassing. Oh, it’s Tom. Oh. Hey,buddy. Yeah, I’m here. I’m with Jessica. Yeah, we’re on the South Bank. Yeah, d’you wanna speak to her? Alright. We will. Yeah. OK, Tom. Yeah, I’m gonna hang up now. Yeah, OK. Bye. Bye. He thought we hadn’t met up. As if. Shall we switch these things off? Yeah. OK, good. Right. So, Jessica. So game Tom says that you work in the City. I do, yeah. That’s what I do. Is that a stressful job? Ah, no. “Lunch is for wimps.” Sorry. No, no, it’s from Wall Street. Yeah. “İf you need a friend, get a dog.” I love that movie. You do? Yeah, it’s one of my favourites. And you are a game ? I’m an online marketing manager. I love online marketing managing. What I really wanna do is paint. I don’t wanna be an online marketing manager forever because, you know, the bots are taking over! They’re gonna be managing all the marketing in the future. It’s like “help”. Exactly, yeah. Erm game I’m a bit nervous, to be honest. Really? Yeah. A little bit. Just a little bit. I’m not used to all this dating chat. Although, you know, I had a few reservations about today, but I just thought, “You know what, Jack? I trust Tom.” He’s not gonna set me up with somebody who I’ve nothing in common with. And he’s a good friend, right? Who, Tom? Yeah. Yeah, I’d take a bullet for him. Yeah. So, shall we get a beer or something? There’s one of those pop-up bars. Sure, that’ll be great. They appear out of nowhere, then they’re gone the next day. This can’t be our favourite place because it’ll be gone in the morning. Can we get two Red Stripes? That’d be great. So game So game Where are you on the old, you know, the relationship game the spectrum of relationships? It’s my mime for relationships. That’s good. Right. Well, I guess long-term-wise it’s game It’s been a while.

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