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Central Park Wedding Prep 2

Central Park Wedding Prep 2


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Central Park Wedding Prep 2 Description

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Central Park Wedding Prep 2 I might even restart my string quartet. This is called the reflective walk or game This is the Path of Reflection. I’m having a sign made for it, and I’m having a sign put up in my office like you suggested I do. Good, good, good! I’m proud of you! It’s comforting to know that I’m gonna be in such a beautiful place. Yeah! Now, our spot game This is , but I can’t remember game A and B, alpha and bravo. Okay, so that’s here, and here. This is our spot. So I’m standing where you’ll be. And I’m standing where you’ll be. That’s right. The total cemetery is acres, and we have about or developed. All the rest is woods. I hope it stays woods. Yeah. Yeah, it’d be nice if this concept really just takes off and everybody wants to come here and protect the woodland. It’s up to people. If the people come, then it’ll stay. If they don’t, then you’re gonna have a nice section of woods over here and the rest will be developed around it. I think for me and Clark, when we first came into this, we were thinking more of the Earth. And the further Igetintoit, I’m seeing how it makes me feel. That’s the most beautiful thing about it is no matter what direction you come from, you still realize that it’s a very spiritually meaningful act. And it’s part of the circle of life. Yeah, how can you be so fully spiritual if you don’t care about the planet? ‘Cause I think a lot of people just take for granted what they’ve been told you do, and they don’t question it. And I think if you think about it, or experience it by going to someone else’s service that does it, all of a sudden you get the connection. Yeah, that’s why I want as many of my friends to come as possible and witness that. Fortynine percent of plus Americans did not know that they could have a funeral without embalming. And percent did not know they could have a green burial, what we’re talking about today. And I think as Americans understand that these options exist, as they do for most of the world. Let’s remember that, you know, this is the way the vast majority of humanity throughout time has cared for its dead.

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