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Candy New Nails

Candy New Nails


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it is our species. These orphans, I found them on the road game Of these three children the two with the most lively eyes will survive. The eyes of the morbid, he was dying. When I left there, I was sick. Very sick. My body was sick. It was not an infectious disease, my soul was sick. I went to Rwanda a year after the disaster for the return of Hutus, who were in the Congo and they had nowhere to go. The United Nations began to force them to return. We felt that the whole planet was covered in refugee tents. After working there, Tutsi authorities proposed visit me several places, scenes of repression. People took refuge in a church thinking that could be saved. All were killed. This was at a school, You can still see the blackboard with written when passing through. It was scary. Of people who left Rwanda, some two million people, some returned to Rwanda, but the other feared a possible crackdown. A group of , people left the city of Goma and he went into the Congo forest. We lost. Everyone knew they were lost , people. We did not know where they were. Six months later, They began to appear Kisangani in central Congo. They were in the forest for six months. And here, the UN High Commissioner was taking me right there. There was a train and rode me. The train, after leaving the food, he should return. I spent three days with these people kept coming. Groups and groups of people coming. But when you think about , people left, and , returnees game , people were missing. And in parallel, life continued. Men who cut hair. And this Congolese here, with his calculator dollars trying to collect people, currencies, and it was there trying to change them. In the middle of nowhere! Amid a forest isolated from everything. At one point, that the guerrillas Kisangani, which was protutsi, and he began to cast these people. To send them back. They had to walk another six months to return to Rwanda. They began to kill some. There, I met people who could not more. They had begun to rave, They had lost his mind. They had gone mad.

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