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Calandra Valentine’s Day Time

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  • Calandra Valentine’s Day Time

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    to cover it before your majesty finds out about it. What do you talk about? Who having an affair with whom? How could l believe you telling me my son-in-law committed the moral sin? Your majesty, l have an evidence that they cannot deny. Let them in! Here are the sinners! My princess! Father! l declare the end of the feast. Emprison the sinners and others Games return home! How could this trouble happen? Whose letter is it? Lady Gahee told me to give this to your highness after PM. You wouId be abIe to see the end of the taIe if you come to the storage now. Madame! Get off! l shall listen to what she has to say. Madame, it is just Games that allured me Games But her face doesn’t look like that of a seducer. So tell me, why did you make me find out? Can your highness forgive the husband who cheated you and stay with him all your life? How dare you? l can put you in death if l talk to his majesty, the king. l did not long for the life from the beginning. But l didn’t want to harm Lord Kim and came up with the only solution for the humble thing like me. Please understand this. l do not care about me but Lord Kim should Games please. Who are you all? That’s what l know. Bang-won is not easy fella so we should’ve not shown any rustiness to him. That is why l believed in you and asked. ls this your only answer for my sincere heart? Let me die for this. l will spare your life as princess requested. But you will have to kill the girl discretly within tonight. Why are you silent? Are you defying the royal command? Are you trying to put me and crwon prince in danger to give them excuse to overthrone us? Shut her mouth by killing her. lt is the royal command! So it was all planned in the beginning. Using me to take revenge for your mother? Tell me. Does it make any difference if l tell you the truth? You know it too well, nothing can be taken back even if l deny all this. Do you really want me to kill you? l would not have started it at all if l were afraid of the death. lf there were sin for me, it would be me born

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