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Calandra and Eda in Farm

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  • Calandra and Eda in Farm

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    Calandra and Eda in Farm Description

    I’ve got you, you’re all mine. We’re together and we’ll manage. The most important thing is that I love you. I’ll do anything for the two of us. Your correspondent is not reachable at the moment Dress Up Games Hey, is that Ufo? Ufo, Ufo! Cooee! Speak of the devil. Was the last night’s concert good? I’d like to have seen that. She hooked up with a guy instead! Shut up! They say you had a battle with a Dress Up Games? Can I ask, did Mahiru tell you she loved you? I’m telling you: I just saw her with a Calandra and Eda in Farm Dress Up Games guy. It’s true. So who’s she going out with? How many Calandra and Eda in Farm Dress Up Games does she need? Make a move like in hiphop. Like this. How do you do that? So cool. Let’s try. Emika, I’m coming. Alright. Denis. Amanotty! What a surprise! What’s up? Surprise, my ass! I called you but couldn’t get through. Seriously? Great! But what for? Oh I got it. You want ecstasy? Denis has some. It’s not about that! Dress Up Games you! With my pen I elevate the Creation to the heavens The world of the Elements has no limitations but your faith The example of Goddess of a Thousand Arms teaches you that But I don’t need godsent gifts I’m my own patron saint My family is expanding The success comes from unity No nighttime dreams Bitterness brings omniscience Struggle if you want to be on the top Confrontation is inevitable Oil that rusty old wheel Pride and honor in my heart They call me UfoK I’ll make a name for myself, brothers! I shine through the underground scene Dilated pupils, flashing neon lights, Alcohol, women, loud music Tobacco smoke and dust make me choke Hey Mister, how are you getting by? Mix of perfume and vomit Has a grotesque charm to it! You’re on the front line, Pump all the resources out before changing the city I’m back! Once again! For the family! These are our ideals! I eliminate obstacles! Prosperity for the family! We will rise! Brother, don’t cry, Your tears are so bitter Blood, sweat, tears! Fill a glass with them! Go home. Once again! You don’t pick up the phone and you’re not at home. I’m busy. And you, you don’t come to the bar anymore. You know very well where to find me. Have you seen Bing recently? He doesn’t come. You haven’t seen him? I haven’t been able to join him. I’m not honey anymore? Honey Dress Up Games Come in. I haven’t come to drink. Why not? Listen, let’s go to Dress Up Games together. We can settle down there. Just like that? Quit your job. I’ll be the one to work there. Why do you want to go to Dress Up Games ? I’m sick of this place. What do you expect to find in Dress Up Games ? There’s nothing there! Hot climate? Nice and carefree people? Low prices? You expect to live and enjoy yourself there? You idiot! You think that’s what Dress Up Games is? That’s not what I think. I don’t Calandra and Eda in Farm have any money left. I want to work hard there. They also have construction sites! I can do it. People make fun of the humble worker that I am. But this job requires a lot of knowledge. The things that I can do will suffice to get a job there. No. The pay is too low! You won’t be able to support us, me and my family. We are in need of money. I hate money! I want money! The number you have dialed has not been recognised. Please check and try again. How, you didn’t know? Bing did time before Dress Up Games . I know what exconvicts are like, so I don’t ask questions. Heroin I suppose. He must have got a heavy jail term. Heavy like a pile of heroin! A pile of heroin! Like a pile of heroin! Alright, I’m off. I hope he hasn’t Dress Up Games anyone at least. Take care. You could give us a hand here. There are fewer and fewer construction sites. There’s no work here either! Better pig Dress Up Games than human Dress Up Games in the sewers! Trust me! Do you know the motherfucker from the Small Park? I did it, I wasted him. You’re the man. I wasted him. Just like that. Blood splashed out! You stabbed him? Yeah. You cut him? Yes. I did like this Dress Up Games It was easy. No kidding? Now we can rest. Calandra and Eda in Farm It’s ok now. This is for my brother Yukihiko, you know Dress Up Games He’s a bit retarded. It’s the worst. Will you look after him? Will you play with him sometimes? Only from time to time. Please. Will you? I count on you. Hello? Police? I want to give myself up.

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