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Calandra and Eda in Best Farm

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  • Calandra and Eda in Best Farm

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    Calandra and Eda in Best Farm, Calandra and Eda in Best Farm Games, Play Calandra and Eda in Best Farm Games

    your sword aiming against others. Everyone was very happy together as one, all equally. And you and l were there hand in hand smiling at each other. And l felt the warmth of your hand. lt surely is the good dream. Gahee Games l can feel your grief. l just want to live with you just like in the dream l had. l won’t let go of this hand no matter what. Can you promise the same? Yes, my lord. lt’s been a while that we sit down together. Yes, indeed. So what made you come to visit this old man? l asked a question to prime commander when he visited me once but couldn’t hear the answer. So today l am here to hear it from you. What is the real reason for the formation training? To build the great Joseon Dynasty attacking the east of Liaohe River. l think l heard this story before. What do you mean? The story of a troop who left for Liaohe River but returned for the surprise attack in capital. You went too far. Do you mean that l have some other goal in my mind? No. This way or that way we go, does it make difference if we could live happily for years to come? You know what happened last time when l recited this poem to someone? There are groups of people who build up the private soldiers using hunting and playing polo as excuses. But l think it would be right to punish them severly and to take in the slack the army so that we can put right from the root of the country. lf we forbid hunting and polo for military appropriation, it could demoralize the meritorious retainers and turn them into enemies. Do you mean that you can do whatever you want as you contributed to build the new country? l declare to forbid hunting and polo as of today. Confiscate weapons and horses used for them. l’m here to deliver his majesty’s order. He ordered all the horsese except the minimum number you need for the transportation to belong to the great army and also declared to forbid hunting and polo. What did you just say? Forbid what? Hunting and polo. Forbiding hunting and polo. What made his majesty become so weak like this? Can l decide

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