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Business Woman Tİme

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  • Business Woman Tİme

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    Thomas! Thank heaven I found you. Broom has tuned King’s evidence. The King will be pleased. Thomas, it’s serious. He accuses you of paying Fallon to murder. Now, why should he say a thing like that? Can you believe it? Out of the mud of the darkness come two ignorant animals, and quite slowly they set about the task of bringing my life and my work down, down into the slime that bred them. Hang Rock! Hang Rock! Hang Rock! Hang Rock! Hang him! Hang Rock! The heart, gentlemen, is a four-chambered muscular bag Games Gentlemen! Because the scum of the city howl for my blood outside the window, must you conduct yourselves in return as though you were nurtured on pig swill? Take your seats. Pay no attention to the mob. The mob can never win. The Medical Faculty want you to appear before them tomorrow. Why? I make no secret of the fact that several members of this faculty are in favor of having you struck off. Some even advocate criminal proceedings. The fact that we haven’t already done so is purely to protect the doctors and surgeons of this city whom you have brought into disrepute. I cannot keep your hands clean, gentlemen, when mine are dirty. The practice of anatomy is absolutely vital to the progress of medicine, and medicine is vital to the progress of mankind, and mankind is worth fighting for. I take full responsibility for my actions. Good day, gentlemen. Gentlemen. Guilty or not guilty, his part in this affair must be kept in decent obscurity. Of course, of course. Dr. Rock will not be the subject of criminal proceedings, and he will not be called upon to give evidence in the trial of Fallon and Broom. I’ve spoken to the public prosecutor, and he gives me his assurance on that. Anyway, no court could punish him, much as his own conscience will. The only thing I regret is what I’ve done to the Games the people I love the most. Whatever happens, Thomas, I’ll be with you. “The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want. In pastures of tender grass, He causeth me to lie down Games” Will that Dr. Rock cut me open? Look at me insides?

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