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Business Woman Super Style

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  • Business Woman Super Style

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    Business Woman Super Style Description

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    like you is. Bonecrunching giant, he likes Turkey best. Oh, turkey. That’s not a human being, it’s a bird. No, no. The Bonecruncher is not eating birds. He’s creeping off to Turkey every night to eat Turks. sniffs For the special flavour. What flavour? Turkey? giant Hmm? No. Turks from Turkey is tasting of Turkish delight. chuckles What does you think human beans from Brazil taste of then, hmm? Erm, er, coffee? Wrong! They taste of Brazil nuts. What about Sweden? Well, that’s easy. Swedes. laughs Swedes! No! Turnips? You is wrong again. Swedes from Sweden is all tasting Sweden sour. laughs Panama! Sorry? Panama, Panama, Panama! Come on! I don’t know, er Games canals! Canals! Your head is emptier than a bundongle. Hats! See? Human beans from Panama is tasting strongly of hats. Alright, then. What sort of flavour am I going to be when you eat me? What? Me? Gobbling up human beans? gasps shudders All the others, yes, but not me. I is a nice giant. I is a freaky giant. There’s not another giant like me in all of Giant Country. I Games is the Big Friendly Giant. The BFG! That’s me. chuckles Does you have a name? Yes. My Games My name’s Sophie. Sophie. Hmm Games Well, now, is you liking some supper, Sophie? You’re Games You’re really not going to eat me? Of course I is not eating you. I is eating snozzcumber. squeaks BFG Did you want some? Sophie What does it taste like? It tastes disgusterous! sniffs It’s Games Well Games It’s rotsome. It’s sickable. Eurgh! grunts It Games It tastes of slimewanglers and cockroaches. Oh, try a bit. I Games I don’t think I will, thank you. – Sophie What else is there? – BFG Else? laughs Else? Did you think I’d guzzle this repulsant snozzcumber if there was else? Huh? Hmm? I suppose you wouldn’t. If giants does not eat human beans, they has to eat snozzcumber. ‘Tis all what grows round here. Sophie Oh, do I have to? BFG Well, yes! Unless you wants to be nothing but skin and groans. You mean skin and bones? What I means and what I says is two different things. whines I give you just a snipsy bit.

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