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Business Woman Style

Business Woman Style


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Business Woman Style Description

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Business Woman Style What? Without a tsak any ecilop will tranklucate you Pluke is a Chatlanian planet, buddy That’s why we Patsaks must wear tsaks and do the “koo” before Chatlanians Like this. Get it? Would you do that one more time, slowly? Like this Uncle Vova, you’ve got concerts scheduled your wife left you for Ziegenbogen, and you’re Game Don’t make it harder for yourself, buddy Uncle Vova! Leave the fiddle here It’s a cello! A CELLO! And stop calling me Uncle Vova! My name is Vladimir! Vladimir Chizhov! Got it? No problem, Uncle Vova Hi Well, what do I think about you, huh? Go on, read my mind This way, Patsak Come, come, fiddler Good day Give us your ketse, and you’ll get a gravitsapa Here you go Got to check it Please do Koo, Uncle Vova Go ahead, take a seat Sit there, Patsak This place is for VIP clients only Tell Mr. Traz that I’m no regular Joe, either I’m a famous musician, and a distinguished professor Game He says we don’t care A VIP client is one with at least two ketses At least two ketses Tell him I have more than two You keep ketses in that box? Yes, I keep ketses in it Ketses must be kept in a ketsebox Without a ketsebox the ketse loses its zura Now I’ve got to run the check all over again! I do apologize if this is a personal question Ziegenbogen, is he a banker? That’s irrelevant to the matter at hand Of course, if you say so Here’s a small gift from our company Thank you Will you excuse me for a moment? Gentlemen! Something’s wrong here. Come and see! Here’s the Sun Here’s the Moon. Here’s Moscow Here’s the train station. We fly along the tracks down to Tula Game Get down! They’ll be at it for a while What’s going on? Bee said we should go to the Center but Wef brought us here because here it’s “two chatles cheaper” What about Uncle Vova? Uncle Vova gave them all the matches Where is he? Did they take him with them? Nah, he’s over there You’re going to dig like that until your last breath Only I can dig him up. Well, dig him up, then! Why should I? He doesn’t have any more matches He has one He’s hiding it in his shoe Guys, I just remembered.

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