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Bride And The Bridesmaid

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  • Bride And The Bridesmaid

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    At nine o’clock everything beyond that ridge will be nothing but dust. Start moving the men. dress up games . Get your things together. We have to move. I’m so sorry, Sergeant Major. Forget about it, Private. Frankie. Did you to happen see him out there, dress up games ? Private Franklin? No. Such a git. Never listened, you know, but I promised his mam that I’d dress up games take care of him. I’m sure you did your best. He’s all I’ve got out here, dress up games . Do you think he might be nearby? Gotta get him home, dress up games . You just worry about yourself right now. You can bet Private Franklin is doing the same. But, dress up games , what if he’s hurt? dress up games , what if he’s hurt or dress up games ? Maybe he might be dead. Look out there, goddamnit! Look! I don’t wanna hear another word about Private Franklin. Do you hear me? Aye, dress up games . A lot of good men died today. Now get your things. O’Leary dress up games We’ll have time to mourn our friends later. Right now, I need you on your game. Yeah? Good lad. Now get your weapon. We can’t stay here. dress up games Hello? dress up games Shh! Is there anyone there? dress up games Hello? dress up games Who’s there? dress up games ? Is that you, dress up games ? It’s Jennings. Where are you? Can you move? I don’t think moving is such a dress up games a good idea, dress up games . All right. Hold tight. I’m coming to get you. Come on, lad. Let’s go. dress up games dress up games the Germans are this way. And so is the Corporal. dress up games , are you sure this is a good idea? Corporal, are you still with me? I haven’t buggered off just yet, dress up games . Come on, O’Leary. Try to keep up. I’m trying, dress up games . Rich? Rich. I’m not that hard done by, Sergeant Major. Where are you? Rich. The artery is intact. It’s still bleeding, though. Don’t worry. It’s a walk in the park from here. Don’t worry about me, dress up games . It only hurts when I breathe. All right. We’re going to get you out of here.

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