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Bratz Make up Time 3

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  • Bratz Make up Time 3

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    Bratz Make up Time 3 Description

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    Bratz Make up Time 3 Where are you? I’m so cold. Please, I’ll never ask for anything again. All I want for Christmas is my family back. Hey, man. Hairball! Who were you talking to? Uh, nobody. I lost Mittens. I don’t know if I can find her. Oh, found her. Mittens! Miss me? Told you I’d find it. What are we gonna do? Our elf support won’t answer. We’re stranded. Okay, Maisy, let’s find ’em. Let’s see if we can break into the game network and stop from where they’re going. Oh, God. It’s blocked. Oh, boy. I need some help on this one, Maisy. Nedry. Oh, perfect. Please be home. Come on. Answer. Hello. Nedry. Oh, thank goodness. I am so glad you’re home. Listen, I need your help with something, okay? What is it that you need this time? Look, um, I need a favor. Are you on game Tracker .. right now? I’ve been on it all night. Okay, perfect. Look, I really need your help with something. I’m trying to break into the game network so that I can help the sleigh. Can you help me with that? Why do you need to break into the sleigh? Look, it’s a long story. I’ll tell you about it later, but just, please, if you’ll help me, I’ll owe you big time. All righty, but you’re gonna owe me big time. Oh, thank you so much. I appreciate it. It’s ccold. I want Mommy! How are we supposed to deliver these presents? How are we supposed to get home? Kittens? Kittens? Bramble? And Mom? Get closer so he can see you. Oh, there you are. It’s me, Mr. Bramble, with Maisy, your Mom. Look, I need you to listen and do exactly as I say, ’cause we’re gonna try to get you back home, okay? Now, the sleigh has backup rockets. I can activate them from here, but you’re gonna have to do the steering from the sleigh. Think you could do that? Rock on! Let’s go home, Patches. Whoohoo! Hang on! Remember, you have to steer. WhooHoo! Oh, no, no. Left. Whoo! Whoohoo! Mom never lets me have cookies at night. game, would you like some cookies? A cookie. Mmm. Thank you, Tommy. You’re welcome. Ohh! Are these peanut butter cookies?! Yeah. I told you I was allergic to peanut butter. You never said that.

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