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Boots care

Boots care


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Boots care Description

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once stood upon this pedestal, but fell prey to some bandits in the late s. Why didn’t they replace him? Well, you know, these boots have sort of become a living metaphor for the mission of Middleton. Have you had any deaths on campus? You’d be surprised. There are a lot of deaths. I’m just kidding. There’s Games no. Very, very safe here. We have a security team of students. They’re volunteers. They’re constantly patrolling. We give them small nightsticks. And they make sure everybody sort of stays in order. It’s a good system. I see the toe of the boot is fairly worn out. Is that a tradition Games to rub the toes there? It is. It is. Thank you for bringing that up. Before an important day or test or something, you’re supposed to kiss the boot. Game Any rapes? Game Oh, my God. A lot of rapes. But that’s typical at college, you know. That’s what you’re getting into. Yeah. So it’s a fantastic tradition. I need a coffee. You had two cups in the car. Game Do you want one? Game Can I get you one? Game No. Cool. Any more questions? Love questions. They’re not even gonna notice I’m gone, okay? Excuse me. Our next stop on the tour is gonna be the Pope Library. Now this thing is brand Game spanking Game new, so you’re gonna be pretty impressed. Okay? Just remember, don’t smudge the glass. It’s the hospital. I’ll see you in the library. Game All right. Game Games and wipe those boots before entering. Come on, you rascals. We’re having fun. We’re having fun. Say it. Hello. Yes. Dr. Hartman. Yes. Hello? Yes, Dr. Ha Games hello? Hello? Unbelievable. One of those, please. Make it two. I hear they keep the doctor away. I talked Games doctor Games but Games when Games George, are you Games The connection Games George? George? Hey. George, are you the Games ? Can’t hear Games you there? George, I’m dying. Help me. Larry, are you there? Larry. Game George, you still there? Game Yeah, I got you. George? Listen, Larry, there’s nothing to worry about, okay? You’re in good hands. I need you to relax.

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