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    Yeah, I’d love that. OK. This is gonna be fun. Yeah. What is it? It’s like a cantina. It’s a bit cheesy but you can have slammers and game Oh, wow. Arriba! Hey, man. How’s it going? Are you a regular here? Well, define “regular”. What is it? Hi, Jack. Hey, Helen, how’s it going? Oh, so you game Ah! Snap. We’re swapping, right? Swapping? For the genius Six Billion Ways to get to know you list that you suggested. Is that your one? Mine’s at the front. OK game Hm game Let’s have a look, shall we? OK, then. Shall I read yours first? “Put yourself out there.” “Take chances.” “Black pant wash.” It’s a band. Are they new? Yeah, they’re new. They’re game They’re fresh. Very young. They’re my favourite band. Oh, yeah, of course. Yeah, they’re very, er, funky. “Get stronger thighs.” Hey, this is spooky. I also love spaghetti bolognese. What are the chances of that? Like none chances. I know. That’s the lists done. Yeah! And didn’t they go well? Really great. That was game Look, let me get this. No, I should get it. Please, let me. OK. I’ll get the next ones. Oh, my God. Who are they? Who, what? These guys. Oh, this is Slash and Axl. Oh. Paradise Kitties. I blew it, sorry. That was no good. Er game Jack. I’ve got a confession to make and I’m just gonna game So have I. “come out with it. You have? I have, yeah. Let me go first. I game OK. I’ve never heard of Black Pant Wash. I’m sorry. I wanna be honest with you, because honesty is very important game Yes, I agree. These lists are great and they’re a brilliant ice-breaker, but you don’t really believe that just because we both like spag bol, we’re gonna wind up together forever, right? Depends on the spag bol. Might be a really good spag bol. But right now, whatever happens tonight, wherever we end up, I’m having a really good time getting to know you. And you’re being really patient with me, so thank you for that. And I don’t know why I brought you here. It was a stupid idea and I think we should game Let’s do something different. Let’s go someplace else. Tom said you liked bowling.

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