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Bonfire Party

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  • Bonfire Party

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    Bonfire Party Description

    okay? Is that what everyone wants? That sound good? Games Hey, hey! Games What? Games Over there. Games What? That guy. That fat guy on the scooter. His kid pushed down Sara. What the hell are they doing here? I don’t know. They probably just came to watch the fireworks. Games What’s the big deal? Games Shit! Don’t swear in front of the children! Games What? Games Why are you acting so paranoid? I’m not acting paranoid. Yes, you are! You’re acting strange! One! Two! Eiffel Tower! Yay! Cute! These are cute! Okay. Jim! Jim! Okay, wait! Hey Sara. Yabba dabba do. Yabba dabba do. Games Come on. Games What? No, put it back. Come one. Look how pretty those are. They’re so big. Look at the gold one. I know, that gold one’s good. Look at that one. That’s my favorite one. Yeah, thank you! Games Thank you, frau! Games No, no. Don’t give him anymore. Honey. Enough, enough. No, no. Are we gonna fight now? Eins, zwei, drei! Yeah. Come on, no! Jim, Jim, you’ve hadDress Up Game Games No! Games You’ve had enough! Just let me have fun! It’s Disney World. Lighten up! Wunderbar! Deutschland forever! Babe, just for the kids. Just for the kids. Smile big! Show me some teeth! This is for our mantle. Oh, cool. Bye! Games Did you thank the princesses? Games Thank you! Do you wanna take your picture little boy? Absolutely. Hi. Oh my goodness! Finally. Rich Asian businessmen now pay thousands for one in costume. Jim, Jim! Come on, Jim. It’s time to go. Jim, come back here. Lime margarita.

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