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Bonfire Big Party

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  • Bonfire Big Party

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    I don’t want to hear your story. This is two checks that bounced. You know how much trouble I’m in? No, but listen, I’m telling you the bank, they made the mistake. I’ll write you another check right now! What, do I look like I was born yesterday? Look, it’s midnight, Mr. Mudrick. Where am I gonna go? You’re a goddamn kid. Go home. BABY CRYING IN DISTANCE I mean, I hope you understand. My boss sent me to Brooklyn, then Queens. Now he wants me in Long Island to take a few clients out for a night on the town. I’m sorry, but we’re not allowed to cash checks from other banks. How would we know if they were any good? What did you say your name was? Ashley. Ashley game you know what I found on the sidewalk out there? Must’ve slipped right off your neck. Is there something I can help you with, son? Well, you see, it’s my grandmother’s birthday next week and I want to get her something extra-special. Please, I mean it’s my midterm next week and my books were stolen. RASPY COUGHING Please, it’s just five dollars. No one would have to know. I’m sorry, but we are not allowed to take checks from people we don’t know. HORNS HONKING, WHISTLE BLOWING WOMEN LAUGHING Pleasure to have you back, Captain Carlson. What do you think, Angelo? The tomatoes are ripe this afternoon. WOMEN GIGGLING Well, what have we here? Can I have your autograph? You betcha. Can I have your autograph, too? You gonna be a pilot? Mm-hmm! All right, then. There you go. Work hard in school. FRANK: Dear Dad, I have decided to become an airline pilot. I have applied to all the big airlines and I have several promising interviews lined up. How’s Mom? Have you called her lately? Love, your son, Frank. Hello. I’m Frank Black from Murrow High School and I have an appointment with Mr. Morgan. You’re the young man who’s writing the article for the school paper. Yes, ma’am, that’s me. I want to know everything there is to know about being a pilot. What airports does Pan Am fly to? What does a pilot make in a year? And who tells them where they’re gonna

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