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Blonde and Brunette Adventure

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  • Blonde and Brunette Adventure

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    Blonde and Brunette Adventure Description

    Blonde and Brunette Adventure, Blonde and Brunette Adventure Games, Play Blonde and Brunette Adventure Games

    Taking campaign donations is perfectly legal. I mean, think about it. People don’t donate money out of the goodness of their heart, do they? I mean, do they? Can you explain that a little bit, congressman? Well, if I don’t return the favor, then shame on me. I mean, if I happen to do something that does something for one of my donors that needs done, then just so much the better for everyone. I mean, isn’t it the right thing to do when someone gives you money? I understand the logic. Well, perfect logic. That’s all I have to say. Okay. No, wait. I’ll be out before sunset. So he’s off to jail. Gone. He’s no use to me anymore. Did you like him? He like all the others. But you… bone. But did you like him a lot? Like, you know, that kind of a lot? Ehh… Guess who! I don’t know. It’s me! Hey. Hi. Who’s she? One of your other selfie girls? Oh, she’s just a friend. A dear friend. Oh. I suppose an important selfie judge like yourself has all the women he needs. Filled to the brim, I bet. Overflow, you hunk of a man, you. Hey! I am with him. With her? Or with me? Um, rain check. Rain check? Think again. Think quickly. Oh, sorry. That just slipped out of my memory. I meant, like, check please. Maybe we can check out of here and check out another place, maybe? You sure? Yeah, we can… You’re gonna think I’m crazy, but I just love shopping… Going to pawn shops. Pawn shops? Pawn shops? Yes, yes. They seem so exotic. Exotic. Exotic? Yes, and I love exotic. You might even say “exotic” is my motto. How do feel about… Exotic? “Exotic” is one of my mottos, too. I mean, maybe it’s more of a slogan for me. Same exact thing. Go. -You two were made for each other. So do you know any good pawn shops? Oh, I know plenty of great pawn shops. Oh, yeah? I go every weekend. Oh. Yeah. Is that where you get all the jewelry? Congressman? No, you ninny. Chub’s father. Who’s this? Kind of like a girlfriend. Kind of? Way to go, bone. “Kind of” means beginning stages of girlfriend/boyfriend. Oh, darling! You did get out! So happy. Can I offer you anything?

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