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Birthday With My Big Family

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  • Birthday With My Big Family

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    And never call by another name than yours, but you must decide. Are you going to stand there lying swallowing blood in your mouth? How you going to get up, spit it out, and shed them? Akan! Damn Games No! Stop! I order you to stop! Henry! Stop! Where it is? No. you, motherer! Jódete How could you do this Henry? How could you do this? Answer me! Answer me! EASY Son of a ! Henry What happened? You were supposed to love me. Henry! Henry! Listen to your heart! We received this transmission from Dr. Ward. Control, this is Dr. Ward. We came across uninfected at Saint Mary’s supply drop. Fortysix are accompanying us. We need to send Games And it just cuts out. No more communication. We don’t know where Ward is. Now, we presume that the remaining uninfected are barricaded inside Saint Mary’s prep downtown. Your mission is to get down there, retrieve this virus and bring it back to the compound. You’ll be with Team . The navigator’ll have the details. Yes, sir. Okay, here’s a geographic illustration of where the virus started. And here’s where we are now. I’ll take that back. Okay, so the camera stays on at all times. The information we’ve recorded has been invaluable in the fight. I’m gonna check your kit, okay? You don’t need this. All communication will be through the suit transmitter. Sir, in New York we took extra phones. No exceptions. Understood, doctor? Yes, sir. Great. Okay. Stay here. We’re gonna check the seal. You have three minutes till departure. All right, raise your hands and rotate. Clear. Light and radio check. Night vision activated. Helmet light? No, right side. Helmet light off. And radio? Left, right. Left, right. Radio is functional. That building over there, that’s Quarantine A. When you return, the survivors are brought there for isolation. What’s in there? That’s where you bring the survivors. That’s all you need to know. This is Quarantine B. This is where the infected are brought for research. Now, we’ve separated the infected into five types. I’m sorry. You said five? Level Games flu-like symptoms.

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