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Birthday Surprise Time

Birthday Surprise Time


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Birthday Surprise Time Description

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asleep at the wheel from sheer exhaustion. When they found the car, they said, um game that she was lucky because game the Joshua tree she hit stopped her from going over the cliff. But a branch came in through the windscreen and, um game blinded her. Then what happened? I became her scapegoat. If I didn’t already feel guilty, she made me feel guilty. She didn’t miss a chance to make me feel her pain. I really tried, but I just couldn’t imagine game being her caretaker for the rest of my life. So when she started to get better, I got her the dog. And she came to live out here by herself. My life was finally becoming normal again. And then something fantastic happened. I met someone new. Someone I could fall in love with again. Then Vera called me one day and said game said she wanted me to come out here to discuss something. It was the best time we’d had for over a year. Anyway, by the time we got to the salt lake, I realized what it was all about. She said she wanted to move back to Los Angeles, have another go at our marriage. It was the last thing I wanted to hear. So I told her about us. She was furious. She said she would divorce me. I would lose everything. All my savings, the house. She said she would ruin me if I didn’t stay with her. Who wouldn’t side with a blind woman whose husband had cheated on her? I couldn’t let that happen. You killed her. We’d, um game we’d walked quite a long way into the salt lake. And I just, um game took the dog and kept on walking. They never found her body. This happened on March nd. Yeah. And Jeremy knew. He saw me coming home without Vera. Started asking some questions. But an illegal immigrant is easy to keep quiet. You have to tell the police, Paul. No, I’m not gonna let her ruin my life. No, you game you don’t understand. You have to, all right? It’s the only way she’ll stop. What are you talking about? It was Vera that killed Jeremy and she’s gonna come after you next. Have you gone completely nuts? If you don’t tell the police, I will. Well, be my guest. I can’t wait to see the expression on their faces when a game a drugabusing writer with a history of mental illness tells them that my exwife’s ghost is on some kind of revenge mission. I’ll let you do the talking. She said she would ruin me if I didn’t stay with her. Who wouldn’t side with a blind woman whose husband had cheated on her? Don’t let her do this to us. Don’t let her separate us, Anna! Open the damn door! . Stand down! Officer, thank God you finally arrived. You need to drop that rock, sir. No, I know this looks a little weird. Drop that rock. Officer! Please, you have to help me! Don’t listen to him! I need you to drop the rock, sir. Right now! There’s just been a bit of a mis game Drop the rock! Turn and face the window! Turn and face the window! Hands behind your head. Tell your dog to back off! Oh, . ! Ma’am? Are you all right? Can you move? Are you okay? Ma’am?

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