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Birthday Surprise Adventure

Birthday Surprise Adventure


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Birthday Surprise Adventure Description

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Are we making a test drug already? Of course. Our technology’s come so far over the years Games making a sample doesn’t take that long. Oh, by the way Games We got another delivery of infected bodies. A lot. More than . Who’s getting the samples? The students are all out today. And? Oh, no. I’m postdoc. I don’t do that. Hmm? Fine. Anything you say, Professor Chambers. My hero. What the Games ALARM BLARING PEOPLE COUGHING GASPING MAN GRUNTING Aaron. No. AARON YELLS THEN REBECCA GASPING AARON GRUNTING GROWLS Why? Why now? Here? It’s like it was planned. ZOMBIES SNARLING BREATHING HEAVILY ZOMBIES SNARLING CLATTERING SNARLING REBECCA SHRIEKING GASPS GUNSHOT Rebecca. Chris? You all right? HELICOPTER WHIRRING AND SIRENS WAILING CHRIS: It’s been a while. You should be wearing a clean-suit or at least a mask. Yeah, well Games How you doing? I’m fine for now. But shouldn’t I be in quarantine? Look Games if the virus really was that contagious, we’d all be dead already. Besides, quarantine takes too long, and I need you now. So don’t worry. We’ll get you to a hot shower, and everything will be okay. Same old Chris. REPORTER ON TV: Police reports say the suspects were armed terrorists. So far, the number of dead is reported to be over Games REPORTER : The mass killing in this town outside of Chicago is under Games REPORTER : Games outbreak of violence claimed dozens of victims today. Ontario’s special task force has declared the situation under control. While that might be the official statement on the incident Games KNOCKING ON DOOR CHRIS: It’s me. That doesn’t look like you’re resting. A hot shower does wonders. Is that the data you took from the lab? Yes. Now that we know the test drug works as a vaccine Games we have to send this out to other labs ASAP. The faster we get this mass-produced, the more lives we can save. Yeah, maybe. There’s a reason you’re here, isn’t there? You’re after someone. Yeah, a man named Glenn Arias. Who’s that? He took over Neo Umbrella and Tricell’s operations. He’s selling the weapons they created

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