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Big Spa Day

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  • Big Spa Day

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    Be a good man game Be a good man game I did dirt. You have something you want to say? I killed your Baby Patti. It was an accident. No! Pray for me. Please game What y’all looking at? Time for you to do the same. Take the blame. Take the claim. Take it on the chin and confess your sin. Be a man and quit trying to suppress this pain you in. Hell of a mess this gang you in. Sleepless nights! Too weak to fight, couldn’t reach us to teach us right. Our crying mothers, our dying brothers. D and D, that’s what they want us to be, Deaf and dumb. But you see, the only ones we protecting is the gun. So run, nigga, run, I let it run outta me. Cause I’m finally free from all these demons. Finally I’m leaving! Finally I’m breathing! So bring the truth! Bring the truth! Bring the truth, brother! Bring it! He’ll be all right. Chi-Raq can take care of himself. That’s Demetrius. That’s not Chi-Raq. As Stevie Wonder sings. “All In Love ls Fair.” I ain’t too sure about that but for now, I’ll say yeah! Lysistrata formed an army more powerful than the Roman Empire. Burned through the city, just like that Chicago fire. So remember, Queen Prophet, Lysistrata. And the lessons that she taught you. The only real security is love, y’all. Let’s all together make Chi-Raq back into Chicago, City of the Broad Shoulders. Peace, two fingers.I do. Something very smooth, very offensive and quite beside the point. You know him? I taught him. You know that he is the generous donor of our new playing fields. Most generous. I know he has a great deal of money to be generous with. You won’t let me persuade you to game No, but you can older me to. Oh, well. I’ll be seeing you tonight for dinner? Yes, headmaster. I’m very much looking forward to it. Do people think I really want to be disliked? Who thinks that? Baxter, for one. He plainly thinks I’m a bloody sadist. My dear fellow, that’s the first time I ever heard you swear. There has to be a first time for everything. I don’t think the boys do dislike you. Yes, they do. I can’t blame them. If I were one of them, I’d dislike myself, I think. You must not exaggerate, my dear fellow. I don’t. The boys are quite right to dislike failures. Now you do exaggerate. A man whose textbook on Pindar game What is worse than a teacher game game who can’t make his pupils grasp the importance of what he has to teach?

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