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Big Music Festival

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  • Big Music Festival

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    Well, one thing’s fairly certain. We’d never be cast opposite each other. Forgive me, I didn’t quite follow that. It doesn’t matter. Oh, thank you, you’re an angel of mercy. Haven’t we met before? I don’t think so. Some of this? Thank you. Of course, you’re Mr. Chips. I beg your pardon? Oh, we met at the Savoy one night, with Johnnie Longbridge, remember? I was with somebody called Bill Calbury. and you said all the wrong things. Good gracious, you’re not the girl in that awfully game game jolly musical comedy? Oh, thank you for making me laugh. It’s the first time I have for over a month. Cheers. Cheers. I didn’t mean it as funny. Well, no, if you had, I wouldn’t have laughed. This is nice. I ought to tell you, it’s lather strong. Good. But of course. You were the gal who turned out to be the real Lady Lettie all along. No. You’ve done it again. Oh, dear. I’m so sorry. You are William C. Belfrage’s ward. Miss Katherine Bridges. Ah, that’s wrong too. My real name is not Bridges. My real name is game Now you won’t laugh, will you? It’s Brisket. Charmingly Anglo-Saxon. What are you doing in Pompeii? I wasn’t feeling very well and they gave me a month off game game so I booked myself on this Mediterranean cruise. My boat stopped at Naples and, uh game Well, they organized a tour of this place. Only I hate being conducted. When I heard there was a theatre, I slipped off. I’m glad I did. It’s beautiful. The other is even better. Greek theatre. You mean they did plays here like the one that’s on at the Old Vic now? The Medea? Yes, they did. I’d like to see that. I hear it’s marvellous. I do too. So we’ll do it together sometime, huh? Yes. Is there lots more to see at Pompeii? Oh, there’s a full days of exhaustive sightseeing game game and many, many more, if you include the Herculaneum and game Well, I’ve got the lest of the day. Would you be my guide, Mr. Chips? Look, doesn’t this bore you terribly? Please, please say if it does, because”. game I know there’s nothing more awful than being bothered by somebody game

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