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BFF: Summer Advanture

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  • BFF: Summer Advanture

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    BFF: Summer Advanture Mr. Boursac of our desire. There is a certain apathy but you have to put yourself in the girls’ shoes. After three weeks, it’s still the same. Occupation, occupation! It’s getting tiring. We’ll have to find another form of struggle. Strikes like this are useless. It won’t work. We’ll have to catch the boss game We have to do something stronger. We were stupid to have let him go. We were really had! If everyone agrees, I reckon we should capture the boss once and for all. And this time, we won’t let him go. It’s worked in other companies. It’s the best way of continuing the struggle. He finds it funny to think of us languishing in his factory. He knows we can’t go on like this. Meanwhile, his stocks and shares are earning him interest. But if it’s a question of his life, he’ll change his tune. In companies where bosses were taken hostage the organizers often suffered serious repercussions. Did they cop it when they kidnapped the boss? Yes, because not everyone supported them. But I think everyone here agrees. They’ll never be able to attack everyone. Here’s the union. Open the door, please. Listen, this isn’t on. You have to open the door. Oh, Ginette! This isn’t right! We should discuss it, at least. We’ve already had problems with them. We’re going to get done again. Comrades! I’ve just had a talk with management. Mr. Boursac informed me that he was willing to renegotiate. We didn’t have time to consult you. Following our discussion, here are your boss’s new proposals. These proposals seem significant to us. They mark a change in management’s attitude. A % rise for all! One hour’s less work per week for the same pay! Whereas game Whereas the initial concessions were wholly insufficient. Liar! You said they were good. We believe it is important to point out that we believe these new proposals to be very positive. Considering this remarkable victory, you must vote in favor! You’ve been on strike for three weeks, don’t forget. You have to know when to stop! Furthermore game thanks to your unity game to your sangfroid

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