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Best Work clothes

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    God bless America. Well, he’s very handsome. Oh, come on! So, what’s an American doing in Dunkirk? No, scrub that. What isn’t he doing? Fighting. Yeah, so what does that make him? A priest? No, we need a hero. I don’t know Games Travel writer? Journalist? A journalist. Hard-boiled, wise-cracking Yankee hack who can pilot a boat heroically. You’re not pinching any more action from Rose and Lily. I’m not unpicking the entire bloody structure either. Will somebody give them a hand over there, please? All the way up. Of course, the irony is, they’ve given this to a bloody documentaries director. He won’t want any dialogue, anyway. It will all be fishing nets and local kids playing football, you wait. What if it’s not what the American does that makes him heroic, it’s what he doesn’t do? He falls for Rose, but he doesn’t try to come between her and Johnnie. Self-sacrifice, that’s noble. Only if he stands a chance. Maybe he does. Maybe she likes him, because he’s the sort that’d let her fix the propeller. So give him a name

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