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Best Wedding Braids style

Best Wedding Braids style


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Is that a Ferris wheel? Well, of course it is! It came with the carnival I ordered. This cotton candy makes me feel powerful! Hey, uh, where are all the teachers? Detention. They have a real attitude problem. Sure beats having Krupp around! Oh, yeah. Krupp would totally lose his mind if he saw this. Step right up! Who’ll be the first to dunk the principal? No! I’m drowning! Tra-la All right, that’s enough. Recess is over. Ah, come on! Just one more ride! Whoa! Hey, watch it! What is this, a carnival? I hate carnivals! Oh, this looks fun! How do we play? Hold your fire! What is happening? Who wants ice cream? Ice cream! What are we gonna do? We can’t keep this up forever. We have to! We’ll just take shifts watching him. I’ll take today. You take tonight. Sugar! Sugar! Harold, I really want some sugar. Me too. We made the wrong choice! This did not solve anything! Hey, sidekicks! Check this out! Geronimo! No! This way! Field trip, anyone? No, no, no! Nothing’s more fun than fire! Except being on Fire! What is happening?

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