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Best Urban Princess

Best Urban Princess


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Hello Zero, this is Emerald Seventy-Nine. Over. Kilo Four to Kilo Five enemy fire from direction of petrol station. I thought we’d smashed that? All ANA call signs Game Apparently not. ANA call sign engaged. Wait out. Roger, Kilo Four. Out. Area around firing point clear. Request CAS. Mark, you’re up. Hello Zero, this is Emerald Seventy-Nine, JTAC requests immediate close air support. Over. Roger, wait out. Hello Emerald Seven Nine, this is Zero. One Dutch F-sixteen available, call sign Hitman One One. ETA two, out. Roger last. Two minutes. Tidy. Roger Kilo One, we’re on this. Out. Hello Hitman One One, this is Widow One Three. You got to hit those bastards hard and fast. Over. Roger. Out. Again. Widow One Three, Hitman One One Game Game has you five by five. Be advised no laser munitions on pod at this time. No LGB. Jay, take post. Hitman One One, we will illuminate target. I will clear hot on your confirmation of target. Copy, Widow One Three. Fire Mission number two, illum, X-ray one three. Number two, illum, X-ray one three. Guess we’re not the only ones who got re-supped today. Ammo ready. Number two, fire. Number two firing. Firing Game Now! Five, six, seven, eight, boom. Spot on, Jay. Hitman One One, target is lit. Master craftsman, this one. Petrol station in low ground, base of forward slope. Tally target. Widow One Three, clear hot, clear hot. Hitman One One, clear hot. Hitman One One all hot, nine seconds. He needs double tops Game Still needs double tops. What’s he doing over there? Hitman One One, missed target. That cunt couldn’t finish off his dinner. Target is two-hundred metres west Game Well it shut ’em up at least. Game of impact point. Request another run. Hitman One One negative Widow One Three, I am bingo fuel. RTB. Out. Hitman. Zero this is Sandstone Two Eight, contact. Multiple Chinese rockets fired from Wombat Wood. Over. Returning fire with GPMG Game That Sangin? Game fifty cal and mortars. Over. Yeah. We can pick them up forty-six k’s away but not Normandy one k away, mate. scalies, right? Yeah.

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