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Best Sweet Kiss

Best Sweet Kiss


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Best Sweet Kiss Description

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For a month I could never find a decent job and there are things like hunger Games which do not wait. It’s past . I have to go. It’s about to end, shall we take it down? Yes, the truck shall be here soon. Wait a moment, I will walk you. No, you have to wait for Ignacio. If he’s not here by, go look for me at “Tabu”. Then I shall tell you, where he goes at these hours. Here I am now, boss. Is there a guard? Some times. Start the engine. You watch over. Here comes the cop. What do we do? Nothing. As if nothing had happened. As if you were furniture. You Julieta, hide yourself. I will take care of him. What is it, don Santos? Shipping merch at these hours? You know it’s forbidden after ten. That’s exactly what I was telling the deputy here. But this morning he saw a clock he really liked. He left the money and wanted to take it right now. Good evening, friend. Pleasant evening. Good luck, mister deputy. Come closer so I can take out the package. It must be very beautiful, Don Santos. You should close now, eh? Good evening, Santos. Aren’t you forgetting the address? No, boss. Consulate river. It’s easy. Couldn’t you miss the cabaret for today? No. You are served, Julieta. And it would be better for you to come out through your house. I can’t thank you enough, don Santos. Thank you. Thank you so much. BAR CABARET TABÚ TODAY: ANA MARÍA GONZALEZ Tell me more. What happened after that? They took the box to throw it away somewhere. I think the consulate river You are in love with that man. Me? It’s easy to tell. No, Memo. If I tell you all this it’s because I had to tell it to a good friend like you. Go home, you must be torn. I will cover you tonight. Thanks, Memo, but I couldn’t be there Hey, And why doesn’t he go and pick up the letter at Ignacio’s other house? Only in the worst case. I don’t want him to know Games that. I don’t know why, but I don’t want.. I do know why. Have another cognac to get better, you need it. Let’s see Luís, another cognac for Julieta. What is it, sister? I see you thinking. Nothing.

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