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    I’ve come for my appeal for the reinstatement of my… Employment and Support Allowance. Daniel, hi. Hello. Are you all right? Hello. Hi, I’m Katie. I’m a friend of Daniel’s. Hi. You’re here for support, yeah? Yeah. Daniel, your appeal will be heard by a legally qualified chairperson and a doctor. Aye, fingers crossed. Yeah… If I lose this appeal, I’m out on the streets. Well, we’ve got some updated reports here from your GP, your own consultant and your physiotherapist. And they’re all furious. You’re gonna win this, Dan. I do this every week. I bet me life on it. I told ya. Just be yourself, answer the questions and relax. I’m really confident. D’you have any questions? Well, I’ve got one or two things I’d like to get off me chest. But will they listen? It’s the least they can do. And can I go in with him? I’ll certainly ask. Would you like her to? Yeah. Definitely, yeah. Yeah? Okay, I’ll certainly ask. No problem at all. All right. Thank you. My pleasure. I’ll just go and see what the score is. Yeah. Sounds good, don’t it? Look at them. It’s funny, they’ve got my life in their hands. Thanks, Katie, for coming. Thank you for asking me. You stubborn old bastard. I think I’ll go and freshen up, yeah? All right. Can somebody, er, phone an ambulance, please? –. There’s a guy collapsed in the toilet. He’s flat out. Phone –. Somebody, please. Dan! No! Dan! Just had a heart attack. Yeah, two breaths, please. Oh, Dan! Just the two breaths… Is he breathing? Oh, Dan. Listen, we’re trying to help him as much as we can. No, no, no, please keep going, please keep going. Don’t stop. I’m afraid we’ve lost him. No, don’t say that, please don’t say that. No. No, please! I’m so sorry. I’m sorry. Please… Where’s the ambulance now? Please. No response at all. Please. Please try again. Erm… They call this a “pauper’s funeral” because it’s the cheapest slot, at :. But Dan wasn’t a pauper to us. He gave us things that money can’t buy. When he died, I found this on him. He always used to write in pencil. Erm… And he wanted to read it at his appeal but he never got the chance to. And I swear that this lovely man, had so much more to give, and that the State drove him to an early grave. And this is what he wrote. “I am not a client, a customer, nor a service user. “I am not a shirker, a scrounger, a beggar, nor a thief. “I’m not a National Insurance Number or blip on a screen. “I paid my dues, never a penny short, and proud to do so. “I don’t tug the forelock, but look my neighbour in the eye and help him if I can. “I don’t accept or seek charity. “My name is Daniel Blake. I am a man, not a dog. If you guys, you know, get too crazy and need a drive or anything, you just let me know, okay? You can reserve a chauffeur service on the app if you just, uh, open the home screen… Thanks. Um, we’ll be all set. All right. I’m just gonna get a, uh… A number combo. Crunchy or soft? Crunchy. So, how much longer you got? Uh, not too long. Looks like eight minutes. No, I mean you, your shift. Oh, geez. Long time. All night.

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