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    We should probably get back to cl, huh? Yeah, we probably should. Excuse me. Pardon me. If you could just Watch your feet. Excuse me. Sorry. Thank you. Oh, hey, Todd. Now, let me ask you something. If you could control your principal what would you do? Shh. It’s starting. It’s starting. I just wanna make sure you apply the extra credit to next semester. I won’t be needing it this semester, of course. Oh, yeah. Sure, yeah. Whatever floats your boat, Melvin. Excuse me? Can I please get an ice cream sandwich? Yeah, scram, okay? We’re closed for Ebola. Okay, just a quick check to make sure that we’re connected. Mmm-hmm. Okay. We’re sure that’s safe? And now, some clic funny bloopers! Ah. That’s a good one. Oh, this one’s my favorite. I’m sorry. Why are you showing me this? Ow. Come on, that was funny! That child walked right into that rake. I’m bored! What else is on? Fascinating. Computer, scan. I don’t believe it. You know, I suspected something smaller than normal, but this This. What? What is it? I can’t find it.

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