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Best Sweet Daughter

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    Don’t let all that foolishness outside scare you. The Armory’s our chastity belt. I will deny all rights of access or entrance. To every husband, lover, or male acquaintance. Who comes to my direction in erection. If he should force me to lay on that conjugal couch. I will refuse his stroke and not give up that nappy pouch. I will not lift my house shoes to touch thy thatch. Or submit hangdog and part with the snatch. No peace! No ! No peace! No ! Lock it up! Lock it up! Lock it up! Lock it up! Hello? Jesus H. Christ! Mr. Mayor game Hang on! Everybody out there in the world take this too, you’re part of this, take this vow! Did you know this woman used to work for my office? No. I didn’t know that, Your Honor. It’s your job to know. She was a secretary. But she’s not typing letters anymore. Oh no, she’s getting the other secretaries to walk off the job. She’s leading a revolt. I could lose the female vote over this stupid joke! Jesus, you know how we feel about this baloney. I can’t afford to look like a phoney! Damned if I do, damned if I don’t. Either way, I’m gonna have a freaking stroke! Let’s see how serious they are. What’s your meaning? Perhaps we should let them get the feeling. The feeling? Instead of us breaking in, we close them off, build a perimeter, a wall around them. A wall? Operation hot and bothered. Why don’t we surround the Armory with speakers and blast them one of those romantic slow jams from the s. Those croonin’ brothers will make those mommies wet and make them wanna jet! Those Chastity-Belters will end their strike and climb mount pike! We run the ball right down their throats! With total male pride. Mayor, you win this by their appetite and never have to say you were right. You never attack or call them weak and you always, seek the peace. You’re a deviant bastard. That’s why I went into public service, Your Honor. Touchdown bears! No peace! No ! No peace! No ! Lysistrata! Lysistrata! Hello. Hi, good afternoon, excuse me. Would you happen to be Ms. Clara Worthy? No, sir. And who might you be? I am Mr. Morrowburns.

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