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    For better times have come to pass And if they ask us back to Flanders We’ll all say Shove it up your A little decorum, gentlemen, please! You are not in the army now! Hmm. It’s all very amusing, but I’m sure that it is journalism. Nowadays, ours is a very modern, highpressure business. Have you ever sat in a trench, in the middle of a battle and corrected page proofs? You should try it. I’m sure. But that was quite a long time ago. And your CV is a bit sketchy on your more recent career. I went back to prospecting. Spent some time in Africa. Looking for gold. Had some ups, had some downs. Came home and thought I’d have a last shot at something, which people were once kind enough to say that I was good at. I thought if old Beach Thomas can get a job, then surely I’d be in with a chance. He’s dress up games William Beach Thomas and he’s one of our most distinguished correspondents. Of course. I’m sorry. Only he was a bit of a joke in the war. Yes. We’re not really interested in jokes. Modern writers tell the truth about the war. Then perhaps I should write you a harrowing article about how all was not quiet on the Western Front and how with shells raining down upon us, and the chilly November air being rent with fury, the subeditor and I drank a case of whiskey and shot the padre for cowardice and said goodbye to all that. Well, that’s more like it. No. This was my truth. I’m sorry for wasting your time. No, no, no. Don’t be so hasty. Here’s the thing. I like you, Mr Roberts, I really do. And it’s clear you’re clever with words. So I think I might have something for you here. How about you start work on the, er.. The crossword? You want me to compile the crossword? Er, no. HELP compile the crossword. See how things go. Better not rush things. It’s not exactly the front line of the circulation war, is it? A chap in your position can’t expect too much. What do you think? I think Er, you haven’t given me an answer, Mr Roberts? Mr Roberts? Do you want this job or not? Mr Roberts?

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