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    in the water to start that engine. Uh-huh. Can you– can you fly that thing and distract it? I’m gonna fly that thing if it’s the last thing I do. Well, it just might be. I don’t know, Gina, this is a long shot. Well, sometimes you just have to take the long shot. SOFT MUSIC PLAYING Wait, what are you doing? Did I just misread that? Yes! Well, no.. He’s coming back! Okay.. Stick to the plan. DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING Wait, wait, wait, wait! Wait a minute, let me just get this straight. You want me to blow you up? Yes! Well, what about us? We just had that.. we just had a moment! What about you and I and the whole.. and the thing? You and me! Where are you going? DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING SCREAMING ATOMIC CRACKLING DRAMATIC MUSIC CONTINUES GROWLS I love you, Gina! Oh! Oh, that’s not good. You’re alive! You missed it! Oh, I missed you, too! No, Kaplan, you ran out of cord! Behind you! DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING It worked! Just do it again, Kaplan! Do it again! Damn it! [GINA] Kaplan, what’s wrong? I can’t turn this damn thing! Come on, Kaplan, just do it again! ATOMIC CRACKLING Swim, Gina! Swim! The other way! Where are you going? Where is she going? Oh, right, everyone else is dead. My turn! Agh! Oh, come on! Shark, come on! Look at me, I’m in the water, shark! You and me, shark! You and me, I’m here, damn it! Damn it, shark! DRAMATIC MUSIC CONTINUES MUSIC FADES UP SHRIEKING SHRIEKING CONTINUES DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING The shark is overheating, Gina! It’s gonna blow! ELECTRONIC MUSIC PLAYING There’s more oxygen tanks in the back of the boat, I just dived. No, no, no! No, move them to the back. What? Put the tanks in the back of the boat, Gina! Here, catch it. You got it? Here. Okay, find– find me something to knock these off with! What? Gotta knock these tops off! Will this work? Yeah, yeah. Okay, come on, come on. All right, on three Games we’re gonna whack ’em. We’re gonna whack ’em off, okay? All right. Here we go. One, two, three! Again! Again! AIR HISSING ROARING

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