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Best Summer Fashion Time

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  • Best Summer Fashion Time

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    It’s nice. Listen, Willy… or Henrik… Why don’t you park on the marked spot? It was in the e-mail. Good old Nippe, always nit-picking. Nippe! Stop nit-picking. But still… Do you have a pink shirt as agreed? -No. Does the driver speak Finnish? Can you please drive this car to the marketplace? The marked place. I’ll take care of it. Björn! This way. Willy is such a cool guy. He could’ve gone anywhere, but he wanted to come here. Enough with the raving. You’re just jealous. Of him? Why? He’s got everything. At that rate, he won’t live to see . -At least he’s lived. And I haven’t? Hush, they’re coming. Can’t we talk about this? -You’ve been yelling at me about the rings! You didn’t even look at them! You haven’t listened to my album. Stop going on about that. Let me look at them! Wow. They’re fabulous, and probably expensive. How do we pay for them when my album doesn’t sell? Should we call this off? Yeah, we’ll come back later. I’ve had a load of shit dumped on me! You don’t know what it feels like to read those reviews. Why do you read them then? It’s part of my job! And one more thing. If I ever get positive feedback again I’d like it to be from someone who’s listened to the album! Abort! -just tell the truth! Truth? That sounds strange coming from your mouth. Here we go! Do you even love me anymore? Of course. Then show it! Am I not trying? -You don’t think of anyone but yourself! I actually thought that you wanted to change! Tuomas! Surprise! Tuomas is supposed to have a bachelor party, but we can come back… Willy! Unbelievable! Go. We can fight later. Hell… I’ve missed you. I’ve missed you, too. Why are you sulking? That’s no way to get married. I know what will help. I’m not doing that. And neither should you. But you dare to get married. Are you okay? Hey, which of us is sulking? Look at this bird. Who’s that? Is she single? Miss G, Carola Hahlqvist. Why does her name sound familiar? She’s the biggest buyer in Finland. If she distributed your album, you’d get a gold record. She’s not single. Is she single?

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