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Best Sugar Girl

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    here isn’t much time, go! What about you? I can handle myself, now go! I am Kaio of The One. And I don’t give a shit! Mind Twister wins again. Dawn! Pst! Dawn! I think they left your hands untied. All right, that’s cool. Yeah, that’s good, just breathe that in. I hope I’m not too late. I know you’re in there, Dawn. Nothing can stop what is true nature. Kill him. Come to your senses, Dawn! I am the apex! Ahhh! Dawn, this isn’t you! Come on, go. Dawn, she’s just games Trust me. You have the audacity games To come into my home and disrespect me?! How dare you ruin my fun?! I am Gecko! Of Titan! Celestial immortal! And I challenge you. Are you ready? I am. I’ve never seen someone recover so far from the Wolfsbane spell. This may be a challenge after all. Good, there is some fight in you. But you’re gonna need more than that games For me. Dawn! The war’s just getting started! Are you ready? Good, daughter of Henrick. Very good. Yeah, well you’re the werewolf, but so far you’ve been like a ! Make no mistake. I will kill you. Bold words. Let’s see if you can back them up. Stop! No one’s ever drawn on strength serpent attack. Come on! Venom strike. What you feel now games Coursing through your veins, is more potent than any venom games Found in your King Cobra snake. I’m surprised you’re still breathing. But I suspect that in a matter of minutes, you’ll lose all sensation in your body. As your organs begin to shut down. No one’s ever survived my venom strike, and the reason, the reason no one’s ever survived my venom strike, listen closely, this is very important. And the reason no one’s ever survived my venom strike is because the venom is directly linked to my heartbeat. So with each beat of my heart, the venom continues to find its way deeper and deeper and deeper into your veins. So you see, the only way to live games Is to kill me. And that is why this attack is foolproof and will never fail. Because while you lie there writhing in pain unable to find the energy to fill your lungs with air, I have the

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