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Best Striped Dress cute

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    That’s enough, Jörkka. Firm… What about the buttocks? Fine as . Jörkka, you know Carola. Do you know if she went home? No, she went to see a concert nearby. To size up some new artist. Oh, really? What did I tell you? Check this out! Sorry, guys. I can’t do this. What? I don’t want to screw up my marriage and here it can happen. You guys have fun. We can’t force him to stay. No! Is that one of the speed dating chicks? Did they look like that? Nippe, there’s still hope for us. Carola! I’m going. Hey… You can’t do her. Guys, I’m getting married in ten hours. I’ll just play her my album. Nippe… What? I wouldn’t normally do this to you, but… -That’s okay. I’m about to leave myself. Hi. Excuse me. Hi. What are you doing here? Well, I see you’re out with your friends. Hi. I’m Antti. Antti Kulmala. She’s my speed date. She dumped me. Well, you were not the only one. What are you up to later? We’re staying at Hotel Vanajanlinna. We’re on a girls’ trip. Same here. Not a girls’ trip, but a room at the hotel. Well. Wow! It’s wild here. Okay. Have fun. Hey! Are you really staying at the hotel? -Yes. Do you have a car? Of course I have a car. Carola! Fancy seeing you here. Tuomas. We were at the same funeral today. Nice to meet you. So you knew Henrik? Yeah, we were best friends. Just give me your album. What? You want me to review it, right? Give it to me. Actually, I thought we’d listen to it together. Don’t talk bullshit, Tuomas. Take those with you. Hey… Two… Can I have… Two… Can I have… What the ? Huh? Excuse me. Niklas? Malena! Hi. I just lost my… What are you doing here? Your trousers… Are you okay? -Yeah. Blue and White Roots is my most personal album ever. People didn’t understand that it’s me behind the songs. Like “Candyfloss Love”. I’ll play it for you now. No, let’s listen to it later. Afterwards. Okay? Can we put it on now? No, afterwards. Are you going to take off your trousers? Or do you want to leave it at that? No! Of course not. I’ll take off my shoes first. Then my trousers.

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