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Best Shopping loving girl

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  • Best Shopping loving girl

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    Honey, he was here! ln this room! He was here, Honey! Who.? Who was here? The boy who saved me on the tree. the one l told you about, sir. God! What’s happened to this girl? Priya, it’s just seconds since l left. Are you saying that someone came and even went away in the meantime.? You must’ve dozed off and probably had a dream. l didn’t dream! Why doesn’t someone believe me? The moment l closed my eyes, he entered the tent. he twisted my ankle and the pain. Hey! The pain in my ankle is gone! See! The pain has disappeared! Oh my God sir! My foot is all right! Look at this. l can jump! My foot has become all right Eitherthis girl has really gone mad, or she’s conning us! No, sir! l’m not conning you! See. l can jump! Believe me! l believe you! Kalicharan has cured yourfoot Just imagine! Kalicharan.? So this ghost is also a doctor? Not is, was! Kalicharan’s father, Lalcharan. Doctor Lalcharan. There’s no Kalicharan, there’s no Lalcharan. it’s a pack of lies! lt’s some stupid local boy playing a prank on me l’m going to find him today, bring him before everybody.

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