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Best School’s Out Of Fashion

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  • Best School’s Out Of Fashion

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    Thank-you sir. And don’t think this relieves you of your responsibilities to this woman you are married to. Married to me? Now don’t deny it. Oh but he isn’t. I’m already married, to someone else. John Slaker. Has been since a week after I broke up with Vic. Well what have you been looking for me for? Because I want to tell you not to come and see me tonight, like you promised months ago. Before John and I were married. You won’t come, will you? Holy Toledo, no! I’m so glad. My husband might not understand games .. games .he’s not very bright and I don’t want to cause any trouble. Oh well, good-bye and thanks so much. Don’t think that this will clear you. -We’re still busting you. Okay, so I’m busted. For once I’ve beaten the army. While all these other guys are rotting here in the states games . ., games I’ll be on the other side and the army had nothing to do with it. I did it all myself. What the devil is that? I don’t know sir. It sounds like a special call. Captain Caldwell. Have you heard the news. All movements, transfers and furlows have been cancelled. Movements cancelled. Sure. Sure, the whole outfit is going overseas. But darling, why didn’t you? Sally never told me. Ernie Caldwell. Step into my office. You’ve got a lot of explaining to do. Let go of me. Serg, I just caught this man trying to sneak off the boat. Don’t bother me, I’m out of business. Sneak off the boat nothing. I’ve got a furlow. I’ve got to see my baby. -You ain’t got no furlow. I have! No you don’t. I have! QUIET! All furlows is cancelled. -Cancelled!? Right, the whole division is going overseas. OVERSEAS!? Wait a minute, you too. That’s right. Come on Private Puccinelli. Join your buddy. Let’s be getting on the ball. Pick it up. Pick what up? The suitcase. Private Puccinelli. Vic. I’ll take it. What? The bag. Nah, come on. I’ll take it.

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