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    don’t undercook. No worries. I’ll make you into Games my special recipe pot roast. My favorite. Head Chef. Oh, my goodness. The little monster king everyone’s talking about! I also have something special for you. Deep fry! Yes. We can rescue our little king soon. Sir Zou and Lady Zou, please come this way. Useless! I told you to eat more. Why do you have to stay so thin? Not even big enough to block me. Madam, are you here for curing illness Games or boosting your health? You go away. I’ll use the restroom. You stay. Xiaoluo, bring Huzi over here to show Madam. I’m afraid of dogs. You’re human. Why would you be afraid of dogs? I prefer cats. I don’t like cats. Go! There’s a cat over there. Go, go, go! Sorry, go that way, that way. He doesn’t recognize us. He didn’t see us in human form. Right. Hurry up! The door is dosing. Password. One, two, three? Wrong! Five, two, one? Wrong! Password! Stop hitting me. Stop hitting me. Four, Three. Eight. Our two honorable guests, this way please. You are useless as well. I told you to eat less. You being so heavy really hurts. The first appetizer Games is monster ears in oil. First hang the monsters Games on the right and upside down for three days and nights, so that all the blood can gather in one point. Slice not too much, not too little, just that corner of the right ears. Why don’t you two eat? I have to go to the restroom. Restroom, restroom. I thought we will have the little monster king Games since we paid taels more? Today, you all are lucky! Little monster king is a newly added dish. We’ve been preparing it in the kitchen. Fantastic! That’s great. I also need to go to the restroom Games before we try the special dish. Excuse me. Put it in the steamer. We are such a team. Open it. Yes! still alive? It’s not fair. I already tried my best. I want to go home. I want to see mommy! Is my hair messy? Your hair is perfect. Really? Do I look pretty? You’re gorgeous! Just need some moisturizing. Let’s go! We could only serve it this way. Xiaowu, I’m sorry. Xiaowu

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