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    All right, guys. All right, guys. Thank you. With the training complete, Dennis has seen firsthand how North Korea’s investment in basketball is starting to bear fruit. The North Korean officials are keen to show him more of the same, and before he can catch his breath, he’s taken on a specially organized sports tour of Pyongyang. Do you guys practice like this every day? Dennis and his entourage are taxied around the capital from one site to another. Following him wherever he goes is a camera crew from the state-run television station. It’s a big scoop having such a high-profile celebrity in the country, and they fully intend to make the most of the opportunity. And the North Korean officials can’t resist slipping in a visit to a war museum full of captured American aircraft. Luckily, that doesn’t overly dampen the group’s spirits. It was Games it was surreal. It was extraordinary. It was Games you know, the cold was, you know, the first thing you notice Games minus , minus . Clear blue skies, very beautiful. I think it’s the nearest thing you can kind of liken it to is a real-life “Truman show.” You know you’re being watched the whole moment. You can’t, you know, move around on your own autonomy, you can’t leave the hotel without your minders. You’re told what you can film, you’re told who you can speak to. But the people were lovely. They treated us very well. What Dennis probably doesn’t suspect is that he’s been used for a spot of propaganda to counter the image of Pyongyang as a dour, depressed place and to show off the best of it to everyone back home. Our man Daniel Pinkston has his own views on that. I’ve been to North Korea five times. The political promotion and propaganda, and that’s true, and that’s real. But there’s also just a human side to that as well, right? Someone, their hometown is Paris, and someone comes from Vietnam, they come to Paris, you’re gonna show them the louvre and the eiffel tower. They’re gonna show them nice things, not say, “well, let me go find the worst place in Paris.

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