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Best Rap Girl

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    in the house. I think it was his ast goodbye to everything. He was just a nice man who ost his way a ong the way, and found it back. And hopefu y, he’s up there, having a good time. ike I us to say, safe trave , honey. [ aughing] I a ways get a sense he’s watching me, but c ose your eyes, and isten to that. C ose your eyes and isten to this again. So that’s what my dad envisioned, bringing that to ife. But I think today he wou d say, ah, now, you guys fina y get it. STEVE MCQUEEN: My big thing is daydreaming. You know when you daydream, you go to s eep. In my ife, my daydreams came true. [Coughs] It’s just that I run out of gas. d [Piano p aying] d Sub source used: Anonymous Adaptation: mic ar How shou d I know? I read about it in Quest-France, so I came down pronto. Right, Mr. Pronto. So you weren’t here at the time. Why me? isten, Mr. Typhus. If you want to ta k, fine. But ta k straight. I just arriv this morning. I didn’t even unpack. My train got in at :. I wa k here from the station. I cross the street and saw you enter the hote. I ask for your room number and took the one next door, and I came to ta k to you. Why can’t we work together? We have before. Not with me. With Dick, maybe. What kind of work anyway? What kind of work? We’re after the same thing. Rea y? No kidding! And what’s that? You know very we , Pau a, but you’re trying to find out if I know more than you. More about what? You’re a pain. I don’t know a thing. He sent me a te egram three days ago. I cou dn’t come ti yesterday. We hard y saw each other anymore. I don’t even know if I sti ove him. But this ove indebt me to him. His neighbors to d me he’d been taken to the hospita in the fifth region. I understood from the artic e that he’s a ready been buried. I don’t know. I went down there Radio nothing. Now te me things I don’t know. You know it’s a secret. What secret? Come on. Don’t start that again. Never mind. I’ manage on my own. You know, in Paris, some peop e must be shaking at the Information and Interior ministries. Maybe even in the Cabinet.

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